We want to make a difference

By comparing Mozart Planner to other management systems in the market it became clear to us that our competitors have developed solutions to other segments before trying to adapt them to the audio production segment. Their solutions lack adherence.

That's why it became an urgent demand by the audio production industry to empower their negotiating team with competitive comercial proposes, based on trustworthy profitability analysis.

Mozart Planner dares to accomplish this feat by keeping commercial, production and finance closely integrated. 



Some of the capabilities found in our system:

  • commercial proposals are built with a complete P&L analysis, including direct costs, taxes, direct labor costs and overhead;
  • ability of applying reverse calculation and margin controls under price changes;
  • reverse calculation and margin controls under casting cost changes;
  • built in reference price table for proposals cost management;
  • copyrights concessions management system;
  • task management integrated with approval process in a Trello look alike format;
  • direct labour hours compared to planned hours;
  • complete casting recruitment system based on an extensive artistic attributes database;
  • accurate financial tracking through smart widgets and alarm system;
  • support for financial transactions related to casting expenses, producer commissions, and withholding taxes;
  • support for receivables and payables entry directly into the finance system;
  • complete financial management of the company.

Make the transition

Adapt to the new demands of the recording industry by introducing more control and efficiency to your processes and increasing agility without interfering with your team's creativity.

Frequently asked questions

May I change my agreement plan?

You may change it at any time during the month. In order to do that you have to send us an email request. The change will take place within 2 working days. Your company will be billed proportionally to the days of each agreement.

May I terminate our agreement plan at any time?

Yes, you may terminate your agreement plan at any time you want. Regardless the day of the month that you email us your cancelation, you will be charged for the full month.

Are there any additional fees not mentioned in our agreement?

No. The monthly fees are fixed and there aren´t any additional charges.

However your company may hire us for extra services such as user training, custom development or data storage space increase.

How shall I pay?

In the first month of the contract you can decide the payday. In case of delays interest rate may be charged.

Should I define a project leader at our company?

To manage the relationship between us and your company you will need to appoint a project leader (or the CTO, chief technology officer) to closely monitor the implementation, testing, and relationship with our company. Support, adaptations, corrections, and improvements will always be communicated through this representative from your company.

What do I need to use your system?

Your can run Mozart Planner in Windows, Mac and IOS. It is expected that each of your unities carries at least 4 GB RAM and a not too old operating system. Your companies' internet should be at least 5 megabits per second fast per user. As an example if you have 10 users, you should have installed at least 50 megabits per second fast internet.

If all of our employees are working from home?

No problem at all. Mozart Planner is a cloud application and has been built to support multiple accesses from multiple places. 

In this case it is important that the home´s internet connection complies with the minimum requirements for running not only our application but all the other applications that will have to be active simultaneously.

Implementation period

The implementation period will be analyzed and agreed upon before our contract may be signed. The time of implementation depends on a few things: business' size, number of employees, data from legacy systems and your worker's disponibility for interacting with the process. For most companies a 30 days' implementation period should be enough.

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Contato (contact)

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  • New York: +1 315 675 5176
  • London: +44 20 3286 2131
  • e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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