Management is an art

Mozart Planner is a complete management system built for the audio production industry. It was designed to be the best solution for your business.

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Metrónomo para sincronicidade


Synchronism and agility in task execution, reducing operational costs and minimizing errors


More standardized and better structured business proposals, allowing for greater security in negotiations up to the minimum limit of your profitability


Tracking the profitability of campaigns, projects and the company as a whole in real time

Resource Management

More precise allocation of company resources in the development and execution of projects

Management system for audio producers

Ferramenta de gestão de casting no Mozart Planner


Extensive documentation of each contact's history regarding revenues generated by clients and agencies, expenses generated by suppliers and participation track in campaigns of all entities. Professional track of individuals across different companies.

Complete management of your casting supplier with a sophisticated search system based on artistic attributes to be applied to projects.

commercial proposal

Agility in the proposals creation with managerial P&L per item and per proposal, enabling profitability follow-up and reverse calculation. Track of proposals issued enabling a clear view of the negotiation history.

 Simplified management of data and creative material in copyright session renewals and reuses. Control of casting positions and their grouping by attributes.

Gestão de orçamentos no Mozart Planner
Gestão de projetos no Mozart Planner


Campaign production through one or more projects, managed by milestones and tasks following the briefing changes that are controlled individually by check-in per user.

Worked hours control and macro view of milestones evolution in each project. Task management system in a look alike trello system.

 Transparent relationship between customer service, coordination and production. Automatic creation of directories for media storage. Automatic control of the execution of tasks through a chain of approvals.



It takes care of all the financial routine of your company. There is an intermediate support structure for commission calculation, casting invoice requests and withholding taxes calculation.

 The financial entries bring in themselves the history of their formation, such as commercial proposal number and items details that compose it.

Data export interface to external accounting firms, eliminating double data entry. Projected and historical cash flow classified by the chart of accounts.


Módulo financeiro no Mozart Planner
Central de configurações no Mozart Planner


Centralised settings module including multi-company control, user registration, groups permission, chart of accounts and legal terms for commercial proposals.

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