Gains with the adoption of Mozart Planner

You have been trying to increase your company's productivity. You have been trying to generate more competitive budgets, without losing sight of controlling their profitability. You want your employees to work more on creative activities and less on bureaucratic ones, but you don't know how. You are tired of seeing too much information being exchanged through programs that you have no way of keeping track of.


Mozart Planner was created to simplify and solve these problems. And much more.



  • Highly customizable system developed to meet present and future business demands. 
  • Allows all the team members to work remotely.
  • No need for dedicated hardware or  IT service structure.
  • Can be integrated with other IT tools.
  • Internal communication procedures reduce the usage of external communication systems.
  • Breakeven analysis keep transparency on business performance.
  • Well covered workflow of each department.
  • Profitability study allows better decision-making on whether or not to accept negotiations terms.
  • Keeping track of business volumes and margins by client, agency and film producers.
  • Exporting data out of the system in PDF and CSV files.
  • Easy multi-company management in case of multiple locations.


  • Detailed information by contact about issued estimates billed amounts payed amounts actual margins and casting participation ( basic CRM ).
  • Provides accurate classification of casting attributes.
  • Advanced casting search tool.
  • Monitoring the completeness of each contact.
  • Filter system to avoid duplicated contacts.


  • Pre-stablished reference values to assist in the estimate analyses.
  • Agile toot to prepare and issue structured estimates.
  • Accurate control of estimates issued and sent to clients.
  • Reverse calculation under selling prices negotiation changes.
  • Reverse calculation under casting prices negotiation changes.
  • Briefing 100% under the responsibility of service department and fully available for the team allocated to the job.
  • Service department can follow the production process.
  • Quick access to the contacts involved in each estimate / job.
  • Full control of the revenues expenses and profitability margin of each estimate / job.
  • Easy access to the log of estimates generated (approved on not) by contact with actual margins.
  • Control over the estimates pending of approval and in preparation.


  • Briefing changes immediately show up in the production module to avoid working with out of date information.
  • Script changes immediatly show up in the production module to avoid working with out of date information.
  • Tasks allocated to each team members.
  • Coodination manages the team among the projets and avalable studios.
  • Quick access to the contact involved in each project.
  • Casting selection management organised by project.
  • Clear view of people and studios available.
  • System to request quotes from casting providing detailed information of the project itens that they are considered to produce.


  • Finance data export to external accountant avoiding double entries.
  • Finance reports.
  • Invoices generated by the system with full information support.
  • Integrated system to request by e-mail invoice from casting.
  • Simplified system for recurring entries.
  • Finance entries carry support documentation.
  • Support for commissions calculation.
  • Support for withholding taxes calculation.
  • Cashflow produced based on the chart of accounts.
  • Analyses of the management results of each approved estimate.
  • Accounts payable accounts receivable and advanced payments reports.

Compositions - management is an art

According to the number of users that will be accessing simultaneously the system we can define the most appropriated plan for your business.

Contracted plans can be adjusted at any time.

3 simultaneous users

For a small business that wants to grow. Working connected in a single system ensures efficiency and accuracy.

Storage limit: 10 GB

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5 simultaneous users

In a growing business technical people and producers need to be better connected. Finance reports will get more precise.  Service people will better understand the margins.

Storage limit: 25 GB

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10 simultaneous users

Your business is not small anymore. All your departments are better structured. Centralised data and its transparency among the team becomes even more crucial. You will get more competitive. Finance will be able to follow step by step the operational processes.

Storage limit: 50 GB


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15 simultaneous users

With a stronger team it is imperative that each one makes his part. Every one needs to be confident about the jobs deadlines and managing bigger teams becomes a bigger challenger. 

Storage limit: 80 GB

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20 simultaneous users

Big and diversified business need to have a centralised system. Your gains when working with the appropriate software are very significant. 

Storage limit: 100 GB

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